Mernel supports Grace Nicolas Bondad

Mer-Nel supports Grace Bondad Nicolas’s community outreach


Another community outreach was held on July 14, 2021, led by Kiwanis Philippine Luzon District, Division 3A, 2022-2023 Lieutenant Governor-Elect Grace Bondad Nicolas and her mother Remy Bondad, this time for the farmers in Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna in cooperation with the Department of Agrarian Reform. One of its goals is to connect farmers with the Department to discuss their situation and needs.

“Despite being in a crisis, our heart is to help out, and even the deadly virus can’t stop us, there are always ways to help, so I am encouraging everyone to do the same.”

Grace Nicolas Bondad

And Mer- Nel, led by CEO Merle Mendoza Batican, is among the first to respond to her call. Mrs. Batican, despite her humble beginnings, has demonstrated to Filipinos that passion and ingenuity combined with a generous heart can yield great results.

Mer-Nel has always supported Ms. Nicolas’ outreach efforts, donating sacks of rice, food, and even their cakes to the indigent. It is their way of giving back and their CSR by sharing their blessings with those less fortunate.

Mer-Nel Cake House and Variety Shop were established in Laguna in 1996 with the goal of becoming a household name and a part of every Filipino occasion and family celebration. Since then, it has captivated the tastebuds of locals and, through word of mouth, has become known to non-residents as well. Mer-Nel’s CEO’s dream has now become a reality. At SM, you’ll see thousands of resellers and branches, and people are queuing to get their products to their families.


Mer-Nel, by the way, was named SME Company of the Year at the Asia Leaders Awards 2020, and Mrs. Merle Mendoza Batican is one of the women leaders honored this year by the same award-giving body.

Visit or their Facebook page to learn more about Mer- Nel’s.

Other major contributors to all activities initiated by Engineer Grace Bondad Nicolas’ outreach projects include Frontrow Enterprise, led by Sam Verzosa and RS Francisco, and AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation, led by Lerma Manzano Bernabe.

Engineer Grace Bondad Nicolas is also the current President of the American Association of the Philippines, the organization’s first female President in its 73-year history. In addition, she serves as Vice President of the Makati Tourism Foundation.


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