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AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation President will be honored as a “Woman of Substance” by the American Association of the Philippines


One of the leading toll manufacturing companies in the country, AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation (APPC), is reaching out to the community and helping more during this pandemic. This year its president, Lerma Manzano Bernabe, will be honored as one of the honourees under the American Association of the Philippines.

APPC President Lerma Manzano Bernabe promises to help the indigents during this pandemic and beyond thus started giving out essential goods to those they can reach. The company is thankful and grateful for the blessings even in this global health crisis.

APPC’s main objective is to improve business efficiency and minimize expenses. The company assists clients in lifting revenues through facilities, manufacturing, and packaging equipment to process their raw materials or semi-finished products and produce output according to their different brands.

Subsequently, the customer can develop the exact product they envision and get the perfect packaging for their product without the time and capital investment of building a manufacturing operation. It significantly decreases the time required to get the product to market, as lead times for ordering and installing new machinery are eliminated.

AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation


Asiaprime Philippines Corporation (APPC) is a manufacturing and packaging service leader with over fifteen years of experience providing our customers with both toll and contract manufacturing and packaging services.

American Association of the Philippines is composed of Americans, Filipino Americans, Filipinos, and other nationalities and celebrates the partnership of its members–the American community, the U.S. Embassy, and the American corporations–which in 1949 helped the struggling local Americans displaced by World War II in the Philippines. AAP is also the owner-in-trust of the American Historical Collection, with approximately 60,000 volumes about the American colonial period and post-war events that were once housed in the U.S. Embassy. With the support of its different partnerships and members, AAP can conduct its social welfare projects.

To know more and to be a member of AAP, please call 09778978877.


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