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Avin Ong of Fredley Group of Companies at Asia Leaders Awards 2021


The Asia Leaders Awards were officially launched with a press conference on Thursday, May 20, 2021, at 11:00 a.m., attended by the awards committee, honorees, and media. This year’s theme is Hope and Optimism, and leaders who are shining brighter in times of pandemic through their Corporate Social Responsibilities to reach out to those beyond their communities have been chosen.

These are from the business sector, and the committee chose some from the public sector who are also doing their job but making a difference—those who are not afraid to fold their sleeves and help out.

To see the nation’s greatest leaders in business, public service, and academia. Chairman Rick Sobrevias of the American Association of the Philippines announced the two academe honorees: Historian Ambet Ocampo and Ron Mendoza of Ateneo De Manila University.

“Ron Mendoza is the Head of the School of Government at the Ateneo, MPA from Harvard and Ph.D. in Economics from Fordham University. Before this, he was the Head of the Development Department at AIM, responsible for 40% of all the professors’ research publications at AIM, truly exceptional educator.”

Rick Sobreviñas said.

Avin Ong of the Fredley Group of Companies, with their famous Macao Imperial Tea, and Harvey Ong of Alfamart, two young leaders of this generation, attend the Press Conference.

When asked how Macao Imperial Tea, which is part of the Fredley Group of Companies, managed to stay in business despite the pandemic.

“You have to be creative, innovative, adaptable to change.”

Mr. Avin Ong, Fredley Group of Companies response.

Despite the pandemic situation, Macao Imperial managed to remain operational. Mr. Avin Ong immediately jumps on the online bandwagon, setting up their very own online store on top of the Grab and Food Panda tie-up, because people cannot go out to line up to get their refreshing and delicious milk tea variants.

Several members of the awards committee attended the press conference, including Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez, Makati Tourism Foundation Secretary-General Tan Yu III, BNI Premier President and Filipino Chinese Chamber of the Philippines Vice President Dr. Elton See Tan, Rick Sobrevias, and Grace Bondad Nicolas of the American Association of the Philippines.

Asia Leaders Awards is the largest business awards event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, and it is the only acknowledgment and recognition-giving body with organizations and embassies as members of the awards committee. Its mission is to promote the Philippines as a top business hub in Asia and beyond. The event is regarded as a must-attend for business and government leaders from across the country and beyond.

On November 11, 2021, the award will be presented at the Singapore Embassy by Ambassador Gerard Ho.

Major sponsors include Grab, J&T Express, Asian Tigers Mobility, AsiaPrime Corporation, Jollibee Group, Eastern Communication, Bounty Agro Ventures Inc, Alfamart, Fredley Group of Companies, and Frontrow Enterprise.

See the full background and history of Asia Leaders Awards visit their website at www.asialeadersawards.asia or their Official Facebook page @AsiaLeadersAwards.


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