importance of plants and trees to human life
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Importance of plants and trees to human life


The importance of plants and trees to human life are needed, because we are created to consume plants physiologically, and biologically. Our digestive system is built, and prepared to digest plants and not animals with the length of your intestines and our digestive juices. It is also important to emphasize that we have become mostly native or severely ill on eating animals, inclined towards nature, which has an abundance of fruits, plants and grains etc.

The plants generate the oxygen needed to breathe and consume the carbon dioxide we exhalate in the photosynthesis process. We may presume that plants are related to humans. Plants, on the other hand, are food sources and currently producers as well. Plants are very beneficial to us in several ways because they provide us with a variety of items that fulfill our requirements.

They also play a great role, apart from producing carbon dioxide. Because they are the one that controlling water cycles, reducing severe droughts and floods, and stopping the sun-wind drying effects. Thus the removal of plants and cutting trees will intensify climate change at an immediate, local level, apart from the depletion of the global greenhouse effect.

Plants are the world’s most important element we have. Owing to the presence of plants, the earth is called green planet. It is also the largest component of any organism in the world. I will list down, and discuss on this article the several importance of plants and trees to human life and, our planet;

• Provide Fresh Oxygen

Oxygen gas is one of the plants’ food materials. This is oxygen which we get out of the air, to keep cells and bodies alive as people breathe. All usable oxygen from plants is provided by living organisms.

• Plants provide shelter/habitats for animals

Mainly in plants there are thousands of other animals live in or below the trees. Plants provide animals with health and protection. Furthermore, plants give animals a spot to find other food. Plants alter their surroundings as a house. Plants protect the animals against the wind in a small scale, aid moderate temperatures. And plants in many parts of the world, as in the rainforests, alter the cycle of rainfall on a broader scale.

• Reduces pollution level

They help minimize earth pollution through soil, carbon dioxide and fresh absorption of oxygen. There is no oxygen without plants. People, animals and other living organisms cannot survive without oxygen.

• Food for survival

For most life on earth, they are the main food source. Plants are produced for any kind of fruit, vegetable, herb and spice. We’re going to die if the plants aren’t there.

• Used as herbal medicines

It is thought that plants have medicinal properties. Many plants are used for many of these conditions. Plant-based medications are better, and have no harmful implications.

• Provide relaxation and stress relieving

Plants also have curative effects. Always spend time with them and doing things like planting or walking, where plants and trees are plentiful and help to relax and alleviate tension. In this time everybody lives quickly, plants are particularly valuable.

• Plants provide useful products and materials for people

Many plant products include food, fibre (for clothing) and medicines, as well as many essential sources of other products. Primary used as a materials for constructing houses and other buildings are plants such as trees (woods).

They also help to fulfill our energy needs. Woods are the principal fuel used by people in their homes for cooking and heating. Many of the other fuel types that we currently use such as charcoal, natural gas and petrol, were developed from plants.

Plants are of course very important to our lives and to the entire world. Oxygen is essential to life in plants that we breathe out of the air. The basic food for all species is given to green plants. Plant food also offers the food that our bodies need that includes nutrients, fats and carbohydrates.

They use the power of the sun to energize, protect and sustain habitats and create limitless opportunities for human life and for other animals. Plants handle and provide water cycle fresh air.

Since the plants have already been present, plants have undoubtedly been useful since the beginning of the time. When we saw them and their pieces, we found different uses, because they are not able to flee away but fight with the spines and poisons.

The most important thing a person can do is the protection of plants. Trees tend to lower the temperature of the atmosphere. It prevents the soil erosion. For a wide variety of biology essential organisms, they provide a splendid setting.

And they’re things of amazing elegance. Yes, we should also plant trees everywhere we can, with the hope that the world’s atmospheric CO2 concentration will decrease to foolishness. So for all good and noble motives let’s know the importance of plants and trees and we must protect them.



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