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How To Reduce Single-Use Plastic?


Plastic can last a thousand years, and plastics that are individually used are considered contaminants. And unsuitable plastic disposal will impact the balance of our environment. Reduce single-use plastic, and proper disposal should bepractice nowadays.

The use of plastics in our environment has increased considerably over the years and the market for plastics also increases with a population increase. Plastic initially simplifies our lives, but we now know that plastic will destroy the whole planet for very long and damage our lives.

The chemical, plastic structure is very robust to ensure it only damages the atmosphere for hundreds of years. Think about this before you use a plastic bag, you still need to get rid of it. If you use it.

Before and after we use them, there are detrimental effects. If your water bottle consists of low plastic content and hot-water, any plast object, such as a water bottle, can be break-down and entered as micro plastic into the water.

Health is a danger to microplastics, which can be destructive to the hormonal system. Both the human, and the animal.

In this post, I will share with you how plastics can be minimized and our environment preserved.

1. Stop shopping for items in sachet instead buy a set in large bags and containers. It sounds costly, but it may help to reduce plastics waste.


2. Using a bottle jar to buy liquid items such as vinegar, soy sauce and cooking oil. Why not practice and put back the old days by buying liquid goods with the used bottle.

3. Using bayong or an eco-bag when you go to the market and the supermarket. The use of this method can decrease the plastic usage.

4. Stop buying bottled water instead purchase your own container or tumbler and refill it with water available at your home.

5. Avoid unsuitable disposal and plastic fire. Improper plastic disposal could spread to rivers and oceans which could harm water quality and fish life. And our ozone layer can be damaged by burning plastic.

Try to recycle it like a plastic bag to prevent such an operation. Used plastic bottles for your plants as containers. And other things you could make from plastic waste.

By exercising what I described, we might reduce the use of single-use plastic. If you want to save our world, you can start now. And the next generation gas a chance to see our world’s beauty.


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