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Mang Inasal Marilao Commissary Achieves Zero-Waste to Landfill Status


Consistent with efforts to bolster its sustainability practices, the Jollibee Group notes a significant milestone in one of its brands in the strengthened implementation of its Corporate Supply Chain Sustainability Program that covers 11 company-owned commissaries and one logistics facility across the country.

The holistic program targets to fulfill extensive energy and water efficiency and waste reduction goals and initiatives in alignment with the Jollibee Group’s Joy For Tomorrow sustainability agenda.

Taking the waste reduction effort further is Mang Inasal (MI) Marilao Commissary which achieved Zero Waste to Landfill Status in 2023. To achieve this, the MI Marilao Commissary efforts included repurposing and recycling scrap waste, converting organic waste into compost, and co-processing residual waste as alternative fuel for cement production.

During the 2020 baseline year, Mang Inasal MI Marilao Commissary has sustainably disposed of 53% of its total waste. With the leader’s and the team’s dedication and teamwork, the site has gradually increased its sustainable disposal to 85% in 2021, 91% in 2022, and 97% at the start of 2023 before reaching 100% status by June of 2023.


Sustainability achievements

Waste Reduction is one of the focus areas of the Jollibee Group’s global sustainability agenda whose goals include reducing food loss and waste to landfills in the manufacturing process. These goals were set to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), particularly “Responsible Consumption and Production” (Goal #12).

“We prioritize recovering, reusing, and recycling waste that contributes to the creation of a more sustainable food system, ensuring that we can continue to nourish and sustain our communities and our planet for future generations.”

Jose Miñana Jr., Chief Sustainability and Public Affairs Officer at the Jollibee Group, underscored the company’s proactive approach to integrating sustainable waste management practices into operations. 

With its continued commitment to sustainable business practices, the Jollibee Group manufacturing sites across the country achieved a cumulative 42.8% reduction in waste-generated ratio last year compared to the company’s 2020 baseline. By the end of 2023, over 51% of its waste was disposed of through sustainable means, a significant increase from 39.7% in 2021.

“The results achieved by Mang Inasal’s Marilao Commissary will be our benchmark for waste reduction implementation across all Jollibee Group manufacturing sites in the country, consistent with our commitment to maximize use of resources and reduce our impact on the environment.”

Michael Ong, Vice President and Head of Supply Chain at Jollibee Group, emphasized.

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