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BPI Debit Cardholders can get added protection with Personal Cyber Insurance


In a strategic move aimed at fortifying security and instilling peace of mind among its clients, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) proudly pioneers Personal Cyber Insurance exclusively tailored for BPI Debit Cardholders. This innovative insurance coverage serves as a robust defense mechanism, providing an additional layer of protection for daily transactions and safeguarding users against potential risks in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

“Ensuring the peace of mind of our valued BPI Debit Cardholders is our utmost priority with the introduction of Personal Cyber Insurance. This innovative offering provides enhanced security and protection for their daily transactions, underscoring our commitment to their financial well-being.”

Jenny Lacerna, Product & Sales Head for Unsecured Lending and Cards, emphasizes.

Designed to provide assurance, BPI MS Personal Cyber Insurance empowers Debit Cardholders with comprehensive protection. This exclusive offering extends to all BPI debit customers. The coverage includes E-commerce Purchase Protection, which reimburses customers for online purchases using their BPI Debit Mastercard® when items are accidentally damaged or are undelivered by a fraudulent seller.

It also covers Lost Card Protection which covers customers on unauthorized/fraudulent transactions on the card that happened up to 12 hours prior to reporting the incident to BPI. Moreover, it also provides protection from Third-Party Unauthorized Transfers which cover unauthorized fund transfers carried out by an external party using their BPI Debit Mastercard® account.

Starting at an affordable PHP 700 annually, BPI Debit Cardholders can select from a range of coverage options tailored to their unique needs. To further enhance convenience, clients are offered the choice of opting for recurring payments, facilitating seamless annual renewals.


The launch of BP’s Personal Cyber Insurance signifies the bank’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the financial security and overall well-being of its clients amid the dynamic landscape of digital transactions. Building upon the robust security features already embedded within the BPI Debit card, this innovative insurance offering serves to fortify and enhance the existing safeguards, providing an extra layer of protection against evolving cyber threats.

For detailed information on BPI’s Personal Cyber Insurance and to explore coverage options, you can visit l.bpi.com.ph/DebitCyberInsurance.

You may also reach out to the 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000 or send us a message at https://www.bpi.com.ph/contactus.

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