KonsultaMD Partner Health Plan

Breaking Boundaries: KonsultaMD unveils inclusive Partner Health Plan Open to Common Law Partners/Same-Sex Couples


Leading telehealth provider KonsultaMD introduces a groundbreaking health plan that provides common-law partners and same-sex couples comprehensive healthcare.

KonsultaMD Partner Health Plan adopts an inclusive approach by ensuring that common-law and same-sex couples receive the healthcare they need. This is aligned with KonsultaMD’s commitment to making healthcare more accessible, reliable, and affordable for all Filipinos.

“Our Partner Health Plan symbolizes our recognition of the changing dynamics of relationships and our commitment to providing accessible healthcare to partners, no matter who they are. Through this new plan, we aim to provide inclusive healthcare, ensuring that everyone receives the quality care that they deserve.”

Said Beia Latay, KonsultaMD CEO.

The Partner Health Plan offers a comprehensive package of benefits, including 30 video consultations with a General Practitioner and unlimited voice consultations, available 24/7. The plan is valid for up to two members: the primary account holder and one dependent, allowing couples to ensure that their partners receive the care they need.

Subscribing to the Partner Health Plan is a simple and easy process through the KonsultaMD app, available on Google Play, App Store, and Huawei AppGallery. Users simply need to download the app, navigate to the “My Account” section, select “Subscriptions and Packages,” and choose the “Partner Annual Plan.” After subscribing and completing payment, they can add their partner as a dependent, ensuring both individuals have access to the plan’s benefits.


KonsultaMD is the largest telehealth provider in the Philippines, committed to democratizing healthcare in the country. With its end-to-end telehealth services, including 24/7 access to doctors, medical certificates, same-day pharmacy delivery, at-home diagnostics, and nursing care for newborns and the elderly, KonsultaMD is revolutionizing the way Filipinos access healthcare.

In addition to physical health, KonsultaMD is a strong advocate for mental health, consistently leading efforts to destigmatize mental health issues among Filipinos.

For more information about KonsultaMD’s Partner Health Plan, please visit https://konsulta.md.

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