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Kathryn Bernardo renews ties with BanKo family


BPI Direct BanKo, Inc., A Savings Bank (BanKo), the microfinance arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), recently renewed its partnership with Asia’s superstar Kathryn Bernardo, as a member of the BanKo family for the second year.

As BanKo embarks on a mission to become the trusted microfinance partner of the masang Pilipino, it hopes to bring banking closer to communities by offering the right financial services at an affordable price. The bank is also doubling down its efforts on digitalization to make their
products easily accessible by the masses.

“Our vision at BanKo is to build a better Philippines – one family, one community at a time – and this is embodied in each and every financial service we offer to a wide range of customers.”

Said BanKo Chairman Josephine “Jojo” Ocampo.

“On behalf of BanKo, we’d like to thank Kathryn for once again placing her trust in us and for believing in our vision to help build a better Philippines. Kathryn is an exceptional actress and a young entrepreneur whose talent and charisma touch the heart of many Filipinos and resonate with BanKo’s brand promise of maaasahan, malalapitan, at mapagkakatiwalaan.”

“I’m excited to have another exciting year with BanKo. BanKo isn’t just a brand; it’s about helping more Filipinos to get a better life, and I’m grateful to be part of that. Thank you for placing your trust in me.”

Shared Kathryn.

This partnership further signifies BanKo’s renewed commitment to bring innovative banking experience to self-employed microentrepreneurs (SEMEs) and C2D salaried individuals. This forms part of the bank’s mission to promote financial inclusion by providing access to easy, convenient, and affordable products to serve Filipinos who plan to level up their business and uplift their lives, as reinforced by its tagline, “Sa BanKo, may ngiti ang bukas mo”.

In 2023, BanKo opened 26 new branch-lite units (BLU) in different locations across the country, bringing the total number of branches and BLUs to 346. The bank operates in 77 out of 82 provinces, with branches in 125 cities, serving as the sole representative of BPI in 152 of these areas.

In order to reach more Filipinos, BanKo has over 1,500 loan officers and associates, referred to as “BanKoMares” and “BanKoPares”, who provide personalized service by assisting clients from account opening to financial literacy discussions.


Additionally, through its partnership with Kathryn, a renowned actress whose authenticity resonates with diverse audiences, BanKo was able to extend its reach to the masang Pilipino. Her role as a ka-BanKo has helped bridge gaps and engage communities, enabling the bank to not just provide financial assistance, but also empower Filipinos through financial literacy. With the collaborative efforts of BankoMares and BanKoPares, and Kathryn’s influence, BanKo endeavors to positively impact the lives of many Filipinos across the country.

In 2023, BanKo also announced that through NegosyoKo Loan, clients can now borrow up to P500,000 without collateral, providing them the opportunity to undertake more significant business ventures and expand their operations.

Furthermore, BanKo introduced the InstaCashKo Line, a ready-credit line tailored for both existing and new SEME clients, granting them on-demand access to cash. Year-to-date, BanKo has released P14.2 billion worth of business loans in 2023.

BanKo also offers PondoKo Savings, which is an ideal starter for those who want to save. Opening a PondoKo Account is simple and easy as clients only need to download the BanKo Mobile App and submit one valid ID. PondoKo is exceptionally inclusive, with a low initial deposit requirement of just P1.00, and offers a 2% rebate for every purchase of prepaid load on the app. Depositors also benefit from the ease of transferring funds to other banks and e-wallets via InstaPay, free of charge.

Garnering a 24% market share in terms of the volume of microfinance loans among Philippine banks, BanKo continues to be one of the country’s largest microfinance banks.

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