Is it true that video games are harmful to our health
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Is it true that video games are harmful to our health?


In recent years, video games have received increasing attention in our society. Is it true that video games are harmful to our health? Yes, excessive gaming can be harmful to your health and well-being if you don’t know how to control or limit yourself. Many people, however, are unmindful that playing video games can enable you to develop necessary physical and intellectual knowledge that will assist you in your daily activities.

In this blog post, I’ll go over the various advantages of video games for your physical, mental or emotional, and social well-being.

Enhances coordination

When an adult and child play video games, they not only look at their phones or computers mindlessly. Because on the screen, the activities and actions give a lot of mental stimulation. And you must coordinate your visual, audial, and physical movements to play.

It helps to improve problem-solving abilities

There are a few basic requirements when playing video games. It means that the player must consider the rules of the game attentively before acting.

Memory improvement

It may require visual and auditory memory in video games. The player must read or hear the instructions, which are not to step aside, given only at the start of the game. By mastering the keys on your keyboard, you can quickly move your character in the game. That will improve both your short and long-term memory.

Enhances focus and concentration

Video games have shown the attention of players, especially action games, for the game’s duration. The player wants to fulfill specific goals in the game to move to the next level.

It is an excellent source of information


Gaming is beneficial not only to adults and adolescents but also to children. Many modern educational institutions use video games as a teaching tool. It will assist these children in improving their academic skills by using video games designed to increase their knowledge and creativity.

Increases the speed of the brain

During the game, a range of visual and audial stimuli are made available to the brain. Individuals who play video games can frequently process these stimuli more quickly than others, according to research. These stimulators keep the brain working to interpret them continuously.

Improves multitasking abilities

For example, an action game could require a high level of compliance. You must be able, by viewing different features on your screen like power levels, approaching enemies, remaining ammunition, available time, and other factors which are all critical to winning, to move your console.

Enhances social skills

Multiple players are allowed to play at the same time in online gaming. Consequently, the players communicate constantly among themselves, which leads to meaningful and comfortable relations between them.

It will enable players to make new friends and to strengthen ties with old friends.

Is it true that video games are harmful to our health for others and they can be a waste of time, but they don’t realize that it can significantly improve your reaction time and hand-eye coordination. It also serves as an effective stress reliever for the majority of people, including myself. You can become very social as a result of interacting with others and playing with them. It assists shy people in becoming more social and social people in becoming even more social.

Computer games may be helpful, but they must be in moderation. Choosing the appropriate game is also crucial because not all of them have the same cognitive advantages. It should also put age into consideration. Violent video games should not be allowed for children below the age of six.


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